About The Club


Paraphrased from the club constitution:

  • to promote and improve the breed, and to promote public interest in the Samoyed
  • to educate and encourage members, breeders, exhibitors and judges to abide by the requirements of and standards for the Samoyed breed
  • to promote and support competition in all practical ways and to hold exhibitions
  • to promote good fellowship among those interested in the Samoyed breed

Committee 2020/2021

PresidentGeorge Bosustow
Vice PresidentGail McAllister
SecretaryJeanette Bosustow
TreasurerNatalia Dilag
CommitteeDave Brown
Dianne Brown
Jenny Balchin
Mimi Cox
Charles Cox
Jeffrey Binding
Arthur Dilag

Club History

The Club was formed in 1960 and the first members of the Executive and Committee were:

PRESIDENT:   Mr McDonald

COMMITTEE:   Mrs Watts(Verco) – Mrs Martin – Mrs Hammat – Mrs Montgomery – Mrs Lang – Mrs Krejzlik – Mr Hedger – Mr Wilson – Mr Simon

In the early years, the Club enjoyed memberships into the hundreds but changing conditions over the years have seen numbers decline.  Traditionally, the Club has focused on the conformation aspect of the breed which covered showing, and also to a smaller extent obedience.

The first specialty show took place in 1961 and the Club has held shows every year since then.

In 1995 the Club held the 3rd Samoyed National, with an entry of 200 Samoyeds. Below is the Committee and Judges who made this a memorable event.

Back:  The late Len Binding, Jan Tindall, Bob Tindall, Jim Reid
Margaret Courtney-Reid and Pam Fletcher
Middle:  The late Doll Binding, Jeffrey Binding
and the Judge, Margaret Ross (Scotland)
Front:  Irene Vargerson and Property Judge, Tina Dodds (Scotland)

In 2007, the Club again hosted a Samoyed National, this one the 7th.  The Judge was Mr David Cavill, a well-respected Spitz breeds specialist from the UK.

For a few years now, the Club’s policy has been to appoint overseas specialist judges for our annual show – we have contracted an American Samoyed breeder/judge for our 50th Anniversary Show in 2010.

In recent years, with the introduction of Sled Dog Racing, Weight Pull competition and Herding, we have seen more interest from the wider Samoyed community. Not wanting to enter dog shows, they are looking at other ways to interact with their dogs and to meet other Samoyed owners.

2003 saw the Club’s first weight pull competition – the first competition in South Australia to be open to all breeds.  This was repeated each year until 2005, by which time, open competitions were common place.

The club held its first sled dog race, the White Flash Bash, in 2005 and has held at least one race every year since then.

Visit our Legacy Site for a glimpse into our rich history and past specialty shows.


We’re a small club and consequently, member benefits are limited – for now! But we look grow our fluff loving community in order to organise more social events, information sessions and exhibitions.

Club news and event reminders are distributed electronically on our Facebook page to members and non-members alike, and likewise, club competitions are open to all.

But without members, we don’t have a club! Annual fees are modest – just $10 for either a single or a household membership. Your contributions goes towards the club upkeep and to continue to bring more smiley events and activities!

Please download and complete our membership form from the top menu. Information on how to submit is on the form and you can contact us at any time from our Facebook page!